Repair & Maintenance

Tire & Alignment

Tune-up & Diagnostic




  • Out of Province (OPI)
  • Pre-Purchase
  • Insurance
  • General Maintenance Inspections


  • Oil change, Tire Rotation, Brake-Check and multi-point inspection

  • Vital fluid services
    Including transmission, brake fluid, power-steering fluid and drive-line. Synthetic fluids also available.

  • Computerized Alignment
    Alberta Roads are tough on alignment. We recommend yearly. Watch your tires for signs of uneven wear.

  • Belts and hoses
    Of all descriptions

  • Fuel System/Emissions Cleaning
    Gas mileage or performance not what it used to be? Engine Idling too slow or running rough? does your car feel like it might stall or is it getting harder to start? You may just need to maintain your fuel system.

    Our Fuel System Service will maintain your vehicle's fuel system and prevent loss of performance or fuel efficiency.

    Your fuel system is comprised of the fuel tank, lines, pump and filter as well as the fuel injectors or carburetor, combustion chambers and intake valves. Build-up of deposits and dirt in the fuel system, particularly in the intake valves, combustion chambers and fuel injectors reduce power and performance and increase harmful emissions. This 3-part treatment was developed to address each of these areas as well as dispersing water and other contaminants to treat not just your fuel injectors but the entire fuel system! Benefits of a properly maintained fuel system include smoother idling, less stalling, improved throttle response, smoother acceleration and cleaner emissions.


Tune Up / DiagnosticWear parts like Spark Plugs last longer than ever, often between 50-160,000kms depending on design but a clean air and fuel filter can also make a difference.

Modern ignition systems are becoming increasingly complex, they are equipped with sophisticated on-board computers that rely on a number of modules and sensors working together to keep your engine running smoothly. Sometimes parts fail. We have the tools and talent to track down your 'Check Engine Gremlin'.

Check Engine lights can be triggered by any number of on-board events. From a loose gas cap to a faulty sensor or even the occasional false alarm. We can reset the light and tell you what it means before problems develop.


Check BrakesSometimes it starts with a squeal, other times you don't realize you need brakes until you really need them. That is why your brakes should be checked every year. The best way to avoid costly repairs is by identifying and replacing wear components as soon as they are needed.

Other signs of brake issues:

  • Noise such as squealing, groaning or grinding
  • Vibration or pulsation in the brake pedal
  • Loss of brake performance
  • ABS Light on the das

Whatever your braking system needs, we have complete services available.

Our brake jobs include pads and a rotor re-surface. We will also check and let you know if we see system leaks, calipers that require service, or rotors that can no longer be re-used.


Tire Services

Tire ServicesFrom flat repair and tire rotation to alignment and sales.

As an independent we can source tires from most major brands at competitive prices and we are free to recommend the best tire for your application without having to draw a single source. Prices vary so give us a call.

Experts agree for maximum tire life, tires should be rotated at least once a year. Ideally every 10,000 kms. Alberta winters and road conditions can also result in increased need for alignment. Once a year is recommended.


From worn-out shocks and struts to performance upgrades for towing or handling. We can help choose the right part for your needs.


Exhaust leaks are a hazard and should be fixed immediately. Broken tail-pipes, damaged mufflers, failing catalytic converters or sensors, give us a call.

General Repair

From leaks to squeaks, accessories like Air Conditioning, Alternators, windows, mirrors, locks and seats. Steering, drive-ability, head and tail lights or just peace of mind, we are an appointment away.